How To Safely Operate Your Pole Saw

To get tree appendages securely to the ground with your Pole saw, here are a couple of things to recall:

Before You Start Your Pole Saw

Rigging up: wear rock solid, cozy fitting garments, boots, gloves, eye and ear security, and a hard cap.

Check your shaft saw chain oil level – ought to be in any event most of the way up the chain oil window.

Keep individuals and pets clear of your work region.

Guarantee your electrical string is for outside use and connected. Circle the ropes so that on the off chance that one gets caught you won't lose control.

Pole Saw Cutting Basics

Remain in a steady position, feet separated.

To fire up, press and hold the throttle lockout and crush the throttle control.

With the saw running at full speed, press against the wood with light, consistent weight.

Try not to compel it. Give the chain a chance to do the cutting.

 Remain in charge, and never raise your arms over your head. Keep them at abdomen level for security.

 Continuously remain at a point to the appendage you're taking a shot at so you're not under it when it falls.

Press the chain oil knob each 10 to 30 seconds while slicing to lube your bar and chain. This makes cutting simpler and expands the life of your gear.

Discharge the throttle control when you're set, and let the saw arrive at a total stop.

When you're finished limbing, confine the cutting tool from the Pole to transform cut appendages into kindling.

 Shaft Saw Safety Tips

  1. Just work amid the day, when you can see.
  2.  Abstain from utilizing in wet or stormy conditions.
  3.  Keep your line unraveled and realize where it's at consistently.
  4.  Watch out for electrical wires and some other items other than tree appendages.
  5.  Just cut one appendage or branch at any given moment.
  6.  When cutting an appendage under strain, watch for spring back – when the appendage is liberated and springs back or down at you.
  7.  Try not to endeavor to cut branches thicker than 8 inches – call an expert.
  8.  When cutting brought down appendages with your shaft saw, keep an eye out for kickback. For additional on kickback, watch this.


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